Most business people agree that your brand name is your biggest asset. With many businesses getting connected to the Internet and developing Websites, now is the time to brand your company/organization/yourself as modern by securing your brand name on the Internet.

A Domain Name ( is the address by which your business is known on the Internet. Because this name can be requested by any business, the name may be available for a short time only (if it's not already taken)!

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Domain SuffixPrice R79 per annum
.com, .org, .net .info, .biz, R129 per annum
.de, .eu, .ws R199 per annum R129 per annum

R228 per annum

(once-off: non-profit)

.asia, .mobi, .tel R256 per annum
.tv R499 per annum

Is the domain name you are looking for available?
Before you register your domain name your have to search to see if that name is available for registration, ie. it is not registered by somebody else. Try one of the following domain tools to choose a domain name:

Domain Name Search

Domain Sugestion Tool


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