People are searching the search engines for words that mean something to them, be it for buying, fun or research purpose but they need prompt, accurate or engaging answers. Not that Search engines are intelligent enough to understand what people want and what your business is offering but as content providers they need to match both of you in intelligent ways.

Like little babies, search engines need to be told in many ways what you have to offer and how good you are about what you have to offer. Over and over again they use your website as reference, they look at how long people engage on your website, clicks and external reference to your site to decide how important your website is. Crawling a website and indexing it because of its rich and relevant content to the searchers. The more relevant the content the higher it ranks over other competing sites.

Compelling content keeps people glued on your website longer and they want to bookmark it so they can come back for more. Unique, engaging and quality content will make people have a burning desire to mention you in blogs, social media, emails, and through word-of-mouth to friends and collegues. The more frequent you get mentioned on these media the more traffic to your website increases exponentially.


If you cannot do it yourself, then you need to get the help of a profssional copywriter or else people just bounce off your website as is they were lost. You need to be authoritative in your articles and be an expert in your field to keep people glued on your website. Some will even bookmark it for futur reference.