Which page on your web site is the most important page? The product page? The contact page? Or the order page? Whatever it is, the sitemap page is among the most important pages on your web site.

A sitemap page is a navigation help for your visitors. It contains links to all important pages of your web site and it gives web site visitors an overview of your web site structure.


A different kind of a sitemap is necessary for search engines to understand the structure of your website. Internet Presence will help generate and submit an xml sitemap compliant to the requirements of major search engines.

Internet Presence provides a more specialized service that will see your website being index faster and by over 100,000 search engines. This is not a stand alone service, it is bundled with our web design packages and internet marketing services. For free sitemap tools please visit the links below:



FREE Online Sitemap Tools

  1. Generate a free sitemap
  2. Submit a sitemap to major search engines for free


This service is available as part of our Internet Marketing Solution.