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Establishing an Internet Presence is essential in today’s competitive business market. Emails, online brochures, responsive websites, social media, blogs, videos, search engines and internet marketing are the building blocks of such presence. They are easy to implement, affordable and gradually replacing paper and other medium in promoting a world-class businesses.

The benefits of Internet Presence to  Business?

  • Brand your business as modern - with your choice web address www.company.co.za, email address sales@company.co.za and online company image.
  • Build credibility - Customers have an always available online reception, your own website and emails.
  • Online Promotion - Provides your prospects with accurate information about your products and services.
  • Quote and Sell online - eCommerce solutions will provide your customers with up-to-date products/services information, pricing and a secured ordering process
  • Sell to customers 24x7 - Create around the clock access to your company’s brochure online, 24/7, even while you sleep.
  • Expand your audience - through an effective Internet Marketing you get international customers from all over the world inquire about your products/services at any time convenient to them.
  • Cost Cutting Marketing - Create email campaigns to eliminate costly long distance phone calls and faxes.
  • Customer Service - CRM solutions will provide your customers with their own feedback, helpdesk / live support, a forum, and measure customer satisfaction and ideas through a blog on your website.
  • Online Recruitment - HRM Recruit targeted and educated workforce from your site. Existing Employees can use the self service portal to update personal details, leave forms, timesheets, projects and much more, which greatly reduces employee/employer time
  • Online Training - Online tutorials, videos and webinars on your website will conveniently provide staff and customers with unlimited educational resources from anywhere.

We have a wide selection of elegant designs, web hosting options and advanced web technologies to get you started with your online presence. We can provide both High-end solutions for major corporations with full integration, as well as cost-effective Mini Websites for business start-ups. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need a custom solution not listed as part of our standard Web Design Packages.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Should you feel that the quality of our designs does not meet your expectation, we will refund you fully within 30 days of lodging your complaint.

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