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Internet Presence has changed the way Websites are designed with their rapid web development strategy. Behind the development of each site is a team of experts dedicated to fine tuning their particular niche to ensure the completion of a site that is the best it can be.

Internet Presence is developing a distinctive profile within the industry as a team who provide the complete solution at a fraction of the price.

Alongside web design, Internet Presence provides a range of services including ongoing marketing of Websites, maintenance, database management, and lots more.

Site Design Methodology

Internet Presence always recommends to set up a system that caters for expansion and flexibility in allowing the content of the site to grow.

As a part of our dynamic development methodology, we identify the following ingredients that make a successful Website. These characteristics can be incorporated into a site, to fulfill and enhance the above objectives.

1. Fast loading

The biggest single reason visitors do not stay at a Website is that it takes too long to load – that is the time it takes for the page to appear on the computer screen. The site needs to be designed around the premise of 'loading' as quickly as possible.

To achieve this we will ensure a strong text base for the pages (text loads very, very quickly). When photographs are used, we will tailor them to be the appropriate size and structure to ensure that they load within an appropriate timeframe.

2. Browser compatibility

The site needs to be compatible for viewing across a wide range of user platforms and browser software. We will test the site with Internet Explorer and Netscape, the two major browsers, to ensure that the vast majority of visitors can see the site quickly and easily.

3. Looks

An Internet site today represents the first contact point for many prospective clients. It is, in a nutshell, showing how professional a company is, and what kind of attitude they have in selling themselves. In full consultation, we will discuss the interface and layout of the site with you, to ensure the site is attractive, appealing and reflects the appropriate image.

We utilize extensive usability survey to ensure the site is simple to navigate to encourage usage.

4. Rich and Relevant Content

Along with having an appealing and attractive look and feel to the site, the content of the site must be precisely what the user needs to see. Additionally, search engine positioning must be considered and the site will be developed with key words and placement of same as a consideration.

5. Information Structure

A clear, crisp view of the information on the site is paramount in relation to finding specific information on a site. At this early stage, we would anticipate the use of databases to store articles and information of interest.

To provide major benefit to the business, the site should have significant amounts of information available to the user. This information must be easily found and presented in such a way as to encourage use. Information on the site must be able to be quickly and easily update, by your a staff member.

6. Interactivity

Without interactivity, a Website is purely a book online. Interactive sites capture user details online and monitor what users do inside the system. The more visitors can interact and 'do things' on the site, the more likely they are to revisit.

The importance of having visitors return is found in the statistic that people will buy from you after an average of seven previous visits.

Demonstrating properties to a much wider audience will result in more leads and sales.

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